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Haruka Morishima from Amagami SS - XP Theme

It been a long time to repost some XP Theme, and I saw this from Fatefan so decided to bring it over. This is the Haruka Morishima from Amagami SS, the first route of the anime. The theme was create by Fatefan, and this Windows 7 theme will be coming soon as well, I think he will only create Haruka senpai theme and no other character will be available.

This is how it's look like. If you do not know about how to use the XP theme, then please refer to this post, might or might not help ^^.

Get Haruka senpai XP Theme via below download link.

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Nice Swimsuit Windows 7 Theme

Nice pose, nice swimsuit and erm... the girl look familiar ehh!? Well of course it does, she was actually Ai Nanasaki, and she was from Amagami SS ^^. This swimsuit (fake) Windows 7 Theme is created by Fatefan (

I love this opening theme 'i Love', very nice ^^.

If you also like other character from same the series, you can go to Haruka senpai theme which was a XP theme, but Fatefan said he might make one for Windows 7 ^^. Before using it, please read this tutorial to understand how to use the theme, some step might be different.

To tell you the truth, I can't fully use the theme effect (and I dunno why), you can refer to the original preview and the above preview, the background of the folder and start button actually did not change. Therefore if you follow tutorial and apply the theme and it got effect then it mean is my Windows 7 problem, else I dunno. Well, actually I already leave a comment to the creator but no news yet, if you also find a solution let me know, ok? ^^ If you don't mind using it without start button/folder background, then I will bring over the Bakemonogatari as well (which having the same problem >.<').

Get Ai Nanasaki via
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[Win 7] Ai Nanasaki (Amagami SS) Theme

Nanami Madobe, Windows 7 mascot

If you have follow Windows 7 news, you might know the Japanese Windows 7 official mascot, Nanami Madobe who voice by popular seiyuu Nana Mizuki ^^. Nana also mean 7 in Japanese, I think this another reason why Nana Mizuki voice for Nanami. It is also a special theme, unfortunately this theme only available for the Japanese version.

This is a smart move from Microsoft, this strategy really work well since Nana Mizuki is really famous, and the mascot is moe too ^^, myself also want this special theme.

Luckily, some good person already extract it and the theme is already floating around the internet. If you are using the Windows 7 (the latest version), you can get the theme via Jap-On. If you are not, you can still download the theme pack, since the windows sound can be use on both XP & Vista.

Nagisa & Kyou from CLANNAD series Windows 7 Theme

This CLANNAD Windows 7 theme consist Nagisa and Kyou, and to use this theme is abit different with previous Kusugawa Sasara 7 theme, so please read carefully below. This theme was create by wudahht. If you want to see Kyou theme look like please proceed to here.

As alway it is require to use the Universal Theme Pacther before using this theme. For your information, this theme will be able to use in 64bit ^^. This theme got folder background which you can see on the 1st image above, but its do not change the start menu button, control panel background and etc like in Kusugawa Sasara 7 theme does.

To Get Started
Install the Theme
Same as previous few theme, it is require go through a installation, and it is good thing to do the installation because it will be less configure require, although still require some. If you haven't use any Universal Theme Patcher or if when you use the theme your Windows 7 only change the wallpaper (and start menu did not has any changes) then go to here for information.
  1. First, extract the file you downloaded, you will see 2 file & 2 folder, execute the 'CLANNAD Windows7Theme-by wudahht.exe'.
  2. A windows pop up and select English language and continue.
  3. Follow the installation instruction, until u reach the 'License Agreement'.
  4. In the 'License Agreement', please highlight the password and copy it (refer to above image), and then continue.
  5. Then just paste the password you just copy on the next step, then continue until you at the 'Select Components' step which will ask you to select some option, like wallpaper size and so on.
  6. You just has to ignore the 'Sogou Skin' option (unless you are using it), and select a wallpaper size, then continue again until you reach Finish step.
  7. In the final step (refer to above image), you will see 3 option. If you haven't use any Universal Theme Patcher, then only enable that option, or via here to read how to use it. Then select finish and you are done.
  8. You can change the theme via the 'Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization'.
When you apply the theme now, you should see the change on your Windows 7 Start Menu, Windows Task Bar and etc, but you won't see any of the folder background yet. So, now this is where the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' is needed (inside the downloaded file 32 or 64 folder). If your Start Menu do not has any changes or only the wallpaper change then please go to this tutorial for more information. If you think that now your Windows 7 skin is more than enough (and do not need the folder background), then you can ignore below step ^^.

Windows Theme Installer & Folder Background
To enable the background image of the folder, you require to overwrite a file call 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file which can be find under System32 folder or this path 'C:\Windows\System32\ExplorerFrame.dll'. In normal cases, you are unable to make a modification even you take the ownership of the file, because the file itself is running. To do so, you are require to download a program call Windows Theme Installer, I use this to overwrite this file, there might have other program to do the same thing too. Before you do anything, it is good to make a restore point or do any important backup, I am not guarantee that your system will not crash, not stable after using some of this program, so please use it at your own risk ^^.
  1. Download this Windows Theme Installer, and then install it into your Windows 7.
  2. Before continue, please remember to backup a copy of the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file in case it is require if anything happen.
  3. Open the Windows Theme Installer program, then enable the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' option, then Select on the browse to select the appropriate file inside the theme file you downloaded.
  4. If you are 32bits then select the file in the 32 folder, if you are 64bits then go to the 64 folder. To tell you the truth, I only tested under 32bits system, so not sure 64bits is working or not, not working then I dunno.
  5. After select the file, press the 'Install Theme' button, and it will overwrite the file for you, and ask you to restart system. Just restart it.
  6. And now it is done. Actually before restart you should able to see the background folder. If you can't see anything, it is high chance that you did not use any Universal Theme Patcher or other issue. Other issue I don't know.
Restore 'ExplorerFrame.dll'
I'm not sure it is require to alway restore the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' or not, so do it at your own risk ^^, but if not mistaken it is only require to do it once just like the Theme Patcher, correct me if I'm wrong.
  1. Open the Windows Theme Installer program again.
  2. Press the 'Restore Default System Files' button to restore the file.
  3. Then follow the instruction of the program, and so it is done ^^.
  4. If any error occur and you can't restore back the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file, you can overwrite the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file using the backup 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file you do in the early step.

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  1. i believe the problem with the start botton/ folder background problem with amagami-ss is the fact that it does not contain a ExplorerFrame.dll file. like the clannad does. it took overrighting that file with the thene instaler to apply the folder backgrounds for clannad so i am just gussing that that may be the problem with the ammagami-ss theme is that there is no ExplorerFrame.dll file.

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  2. I'm also not very familiar with the setup theme. Also dabbling myself doing it forever and still not be fully T_T

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